The week ahead …


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Well we are in the final week of what has been a very disjointed half term, with days off, trips and SATs tests making it as busy as ever. This week again is a four day one as we head towards half term.

I know year 6 are still planning on their visit to the park but will be guided by the weather this week so are a bit unsure when this might happen.

So let’s see what else is in store –

Monday – Class photographs

Tuesday – Lunchtime sports and hopefully we will be able to fit in our April attendance draw which has been ready to go for a couple of weeks!

Wednesday – We are holding our SRE (Sex and Relationships Education) meeting in the hall. If you would like to find out more about the work we deliver in school please come in after you have dropped the children. School Council are also meeting with Miss Horton today to discuss the summer art project they are working on and year 4 are having a witches and wizards English lesson this morning.

Thursday – European Election day – school is closed to all children. Staff will be completing training for GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) and the changes which have come into effect regarding data in school.

Friday – Break up for half term.

A short but full week! Enjoy Sunday, see everyone tomorrow.


Well done year 6!

See the source imageAll the staff in school are incredibly proud of our year 6. They came into school this week ready for their tests, they worked so hard and were really focussed.

Tests are not a nice thing to experience, however our year 6 handled them in such a mature way – I would go as far as to say some even enjoyed it! Staff have planned a lovely day today and hopefully the weather will stay dry so they can enjoy their afternoon at the park.

Well done everyone – including staff who have helped to prepare the children and our lovely TAs who left us at Christmas and all returned to help out this week 🙂

Enjoy a relaxing weekend!

A message for year 6!

Image result for good luck for satsJust a quick message to our lovely year 6. Please remember the things we discussed on Friday – these tests are a marker of your achievement in one test, they do not measure all of the wonderful skills and talents you may have, they do not measure your sense of humour and unique personality and they do not measure things like loyalty, love, friendship or kindness. The people who mark the papers do not know you like we do.

We know how hard you have worked this year and how staff have pushed you to learn new things and do your best. Use these tests as a way of showing off all the lovely skills you have learnt. Most importantly do not worry, try and get a good nights sleep and arrive in school on time (any problems getting in or if you are running late, please inform the office asap). the only thing anyone can ever ask of you is that you do your best – we have great faith in you year 6 – smash it!


The week ahead …

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A big hello on this bright and sunny morning. The week ahead is looking very year 6 orientated as they will be taking their end of year SATs exams.

Monday – SATs – Spelling, grammar and punctuation papers

Tuesday –  SATS – Reading paper. Lunchtime sports clubs.

Wednesday – SATs – maths papers 1 and 2 – arithmetic and reasoning. Mexican dinner day.

Thursday – SATs – final maths reasoning paper. Lunchtime sports clubs.

Friday – Year 6 end of SATs celebration. Hopefully after a fun morning, weather permitting, children will be able to spend the afternoon playing games at the park.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend. Year 6 – try and relax and have an early night, see you in the morning.


The week ahead …

Image result for have a good weekI hope you all enjoy an extra lie-in this weekend with the Monday Bank Holiday and perhaps a bit of sunshine!

Monday – school closed to children and staff – Bank Holiday.

Tuesday – Lunchtime sports club and April’s attendance draw.

Wednesday – House assembly and school council meeting.

Thursday – Year 4 maths Inspire workshop, please come in when you have dropped the children, Lunchtime sports club, Year 3 are going on a walk around the local environment.

Friday – no clubs today.

Quite a straightforward, if shorter, week. Enjoy the rest of the long weekend.

What a great week back!

See the source imageWe have enjoyed a super first week to the summer term. We have been focussing on good manners and respect in and around school and so many children have been trying hard it has been great to see. Please encourage children to use their manners and be respectful at home too, it has definitely been worth the effort in school.

Year 6 joined PC Rob Pedley this morning and were all very sensible as they listened to the Precious Lives presentation. I am truly hoping that the children will remember Rob’s words today and in the future.

Celebration assembly was a real celebration this morning – lots of certificates and dance trophies on display. Great effort from everyone! Enjoy the longer weekend – see you on Tuesday.

The week ahead …

hello5Good morning and I hope everyone has enjoyed a restful Easter break, it’s a shame the lovely weather of the first week didn’t last but hopefully it didn’t spoil anyone’s break.

As this half term is so short and a little bit odd with teacher days, bank holidays and election closures, we will not be having any after school clubs but will be organising clubs for the second half term.

So this is what the week looks like!

Monday – Teacher day, all staff will be renewing their Tier 1 Autism training. No children in school today.

Tuesday – Children return to school, lunchtime sports clubs begin.


Thursday – Election day, school closed to children in years 3,4 and 5, year 6 are expected to attend for the morning session, finishing at 12. This will be for some intense SATs preparation. Children do not need to wear uniform and school will be providing snacks for breaktime. If you haven’t already done so then please return the form letting us know how your child will be getting home.

Friday – The fire Service are coming in to school this afternoon to speak with year 4.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend and the extra lie-in on Monday, looking forward to everyone returning on Tuesday morning.

Well done – let’s celebrate our success!

Slide4Lots of children were rewarded in assembly this morning for their continued effort to make it in to school EVERY DAY! We gave out our attendance bears, certificates and WH Smith vouchers. Well done everyone for your effort.

Talking about good effort we also announced our winning house today. Pine have done it again, so if you are in Pine you do not have to wear your uniform on Friday and you will get extra play and treats. Well done to everyone, keep up the good work.

The week ahead …

1509362185-datesHi everyone, a Saturday post this weekend for a change!

This week marks the end of the spring term and we have a number of extra things in school as we tie up all the loose ends before Easter. All after school clubs finished last week except for year 6 revision which is on Monday.

Monday – Year 3 trip to Cadbury World. Year 6 revision after school.

Tuesday – First of our two parents evenings this week 3.30 till 6.00. Don’t forget if you have to bring children with you they will need to be in the hall watching the film – thank you.

Wednesday – Termly attendance assembly

Thursday – Jigsaw celebration assembly this morning where classes will be sharing their good work with the rest of the school. Parents evening 2 – 3.30 until 5.00 – don’t forget any children in the hall please.

Friday – Homework celebration assembly, the winning house for the term will also get their reward of extra play and treats today, Easter dinner day. Break up for Easter.

The spring term is normally really short but due to the timing of Easter this year we are finishing the term really late. This makes Summer 1 is VERY short – four weeks, with a number of days off so it will seem a little strange. But with year 6 SATs in these four weeks it is really important that attendance remains a priority. Please take some time over Easter to recharge!

The week ahead …


Good morning on this sunny Sunday! I hope everyone remembered to put the clocks forward last night, it will really feel different now with the light nights 🙂

This week is the last week for clubs as we have parents evenings next week – a letter will be coming out for that on Monday.

Monday – Cookery, year 6 revision and Lego club all on today after school – please collect children at 4.15.

Tuesday – After school clubs for Fitness Challenge and Mindfulness, finishing at 4.15pm.

Wednesday – No clubs today

Thursday – Year 5 have their English Inspire workshop this morning, come into school after dropping the children. Netball club after school today, finishing at 4.15pm.

Friday – No clubs today

Enjoy the weekend and Happy Mother’s Day!

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